Climate-Controlled Storage in Jackson

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What Does Climate Control Mean?

A safe way to store important items

In the self storage world, climate control refers to keeping storage units within constant temperature ranges. 

This helps protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity. 

These units are insulated against external temperatures, making it so that your items are safer year-round.

What Happens Without Climate Control?

Not every item demands climate control, but all fare better in the long term. Some items, however, are especially prone to damage from extreme temperatures or humidity. 

Because the internal temperature of storage units without climate control can be dozens of degrees higher than the temperature outside, this is especially dangerous for property sensitive to heat damage. 

Wood can start to split. Metal might begin to corrode. Plastic can melt. Humidity can cause mold and mildew to form in fabrics and upholstery.

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Items That Do Better in Climate Control

If you’re storing these items, climate control is nearly a must

  • Clothing & furniture
  • Collectible figurines
  • Electronic equipment
  • Instruments
  • Art & documents
  • And more!